duminică, 13 noiembrie 2011

War Journal - Path to Defeat

"The greatest if not the most important loss of war is that of dreams"


I open my eyes and see the white sealing, a fly is on my noise and my ears ring with the voice of mother.
"Get up son, yelled father suddenly as he slammed the door open. It's morning, the sun is up and you haven't washed your face yet."
"In a second father" I got up washed my face, dressed up and when't to mother.
"Good morning mother, how are you today?" and I kissed her on the cheek.
"I'm just fine dear, go grab a bag and here's some money. Run down to Mr. Constantine and buy two loafs of bread"
I grabbed a bag and left on my way dawn to Mr. Constantine. People that morning where unusually unnerved by something unusual.
I slowly entered the store but my eyes where still looking outside.
"Good morning Mrs. Constantine I would like two loafs of bread. Do you know what has happened, why are the people so unsettled?"
"Haven't you heard? The Germans have invaded Poland..."
I froze for a moment and after made a polite exit. Ran down the street as fast as I could, my mind was going a million thoughts a second.
I recent my house I could hear the radio for the street...
"Father have you heard?"
"Yes son, your mother is crying as we speak. I am afraid that we'll be going to was soon. Hitler is speaking about war against Communism and all sort of things..."
"Do you really thing we'll be going to war?"
"I am afraid to say it son, but I have to... he took a short pause and looked at me long... Yes"