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Albert Wolfmann and the Geheimnis Box

Chapter 1

My name is Albert Wolfmann, I am and was a soldier in the Waffen SS. My division was top secret, Schwarzen Adler... we where assigned all the tough assignments. At the end of the war in 1945 Himmler called us back to Wewelsburg castle.
A few days after that the Americans attacked, we where encircled. Himmler personally loaded a Kübelwagen with a few wooden boxes marked top secret.
The Americans pushed fast towards the castle, my platoon was given orders to protect the car until it could depart.
Himmler left very fast and ordered that the Kübelwagen get to Berlin. He will leave north to get the Americans to follow so we could get safe to Berlin.
The driver was shot, my partners where getting shot... I didn't know what to do, so I got behind the wheel and drove as fast as I could onto Berlin.
After a few miles I stopped, looked behind and sow the castle in flames, but I could still hear gun shots... I couldn't stand the fact that I must leave a battle, but these where my orders.
I reached Berlin a few days before the fighting began... The city was in rubble, I left the car because it didn't have gas any more...
I made my way to the Fuhrer's bunker, Himmler left special orders for me to get a small box to Hitler.
Night came in Berlin and I could hear the Russian artillery, I was afraid, from what I had heard from a soldier our defends represents only 40,000 soldiers and the Russians are coming in the million.
I got to the bunker about midnight, the Fuhrer padded me on the shoulder and invited me to attend his wedding with Eva Broun.
After the wedding, he took me to his office and told me:
- I, we dreamed things so big... and know look we are losing.
- My Fuhrer we will defend Berlin to the last man. I said
- Be realistic we lost the war, and you know it. What is in this box could change the world... and he opened the small box, I couldn't see what was inside... the only thing I had seen was a bright light.
- My Fuhrer what are my orders?
He closed the box and said... I have only one order take this box, go to a bunker on this address. There you will hide, protect the box... I will leave Berlin... I can't take the box with me...
You must organize a resistance, protect the population from these barbarian oppressors.
- My Fuhrer, I will try...
that was the first and last time I saw the Fuhrer, he left with a plane towards Denmark... I thing he will take a submarine... but where...?
I walked a few streets, got through the rubble and made my way into a bunker...

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